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Thread: Bond vs Akhtar

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    Bond vs Akhtar

    me and my friend have been involved in a longgggggggg discussion so i thought id let it lose on it goes:
    he says bond is better i say akhtar
    the fundamental arguements are that bond averages 20 at tests and 17 in ODIs....i say thats from 12 tests of which 4 were against zim/bangladesh,
    then my second arguement is that akhtar altho didnt average that well in 12 matches first up thats because he had to play with waqar wasim and saqi...then i showed him that since 2001 akhtar averaged 21.88 in 2001/2002 season...then continued to average below 20 from 2001 to present, right now im not saying bond is not good or anything and granted akhtar seems to have his priorities wrong but by god he is one awesome bowler!! and i think he is getting on track now he has been left out for a bit, looked awesome in africa vs asia matches, oh and we sort of didnt get on to argue abt one dayers but again waqar and wasim arguebly the best ODI bowlers were playing with him...
    wot do u guys think?
    anyway thanks
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    Or something.

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    well right now Akhtar is better in both test & ODI but i cant say for certain if Bond has the ability to become superior to Akhtar, so i'll say the rawalpindi express......

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    ahktar is far more proven but bond has looked good, atm in time il say ahktar but i wouldnt be suprised to see bond really give him a run for his money in the future if he carries on the way he is now.

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    We already have a current thread on this subject. No need for another.
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