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Thread: How would you bowl to x batsman?

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    How would you bowl to x batsman?

    Where 'x' should be a good batsman, generally considered difficult to bowl to. By 'bowl' I mean bowling to get the wicket, not to contain. Any other tactics, field placings and so forth can also be included.

    Let's start with Pietersen. He's the reason I started this thread, actually. Seeing the way he was dismissed yesterday, I wonder whether Australia has a definite plan to bowl full and round the wicket to him, or was it just a one-off thing?
    His method makes it quite difficult to attack the stumps directly, so what would you do?

    Include any other batsmen you think would fit in here.

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    Pieterson doesn't seem to like short bowling as much, or fast bowling for that matter. Michael Clarke and Shane Warne have got him out a couple of times too so i would probably bowl Warne and Lee at him in preference.
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    Yorkers on middle stump round the wicket, throw in the bouncer occasionly
    Spinners, over the wicket outside off stump.
    Or something.

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    i'd love to see pietersen on the turning tracks of india. My prediction, a ponting esque record.

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    Have a fast bowler bowl a full toss which is hitting the stumps on the full and he'll miss it.

    He's been out LBW twice to that in the series, although one of course wasn't given.

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    Bowling around the wicket to Pietersen may have worked yesterday but you cant help but think that that is a massively risky tactic to such a dominant legside player. Unfortunately for Australia it really was just a one-off.

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    Pietersen's weakness has always looked to be his leg-side bias. He's quite a strong player of both spin and pace (although we've yet to see him combat swing or seam to a major degree), but he struggles to score when the ball is put well wide of off, and seems to sort of flail at the ball out there. I wouldn't be surprised (assuming he doesn't correct it) if some captain down the road works him out with an accurate bowler and a stacked off-side field, a bit like Fleming with Martyn in 2001, although for a different reason.
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