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Thread: Ian Bell's post bangladesh career in pictures...

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    Ian Bell's post bangladesh career in pictures...

    Second Ashes Test, Edgbaston.

    ...Getting ready to face His first ball...

    "Oh look, There's Shane Warne, now how is it I learned to play him from my team mates? Oh yeah, I remember."

    Memo to Mum... ...

    Warne releases the ball... "WTF!!"

    It pitches...

    A split second later...

    "That's out"


    Back in the pavillion....


    "Why can't we always play Bangladesh?"

    The conclusion.

    Joining the likes of Gavin Hamilton on the imfamous England scrapheap...

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    Hey warney, if you want to order one of these, just ask

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    To be fair to Bell he picked the ball Warne bowled, it just didnt spin.

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    If it was someone else, I'd suggest that it was quite pathetic.

    For S W, this thread's actually an improvement on his usual idiotic standard - almost moronic but not quite that good.
    Nigel Clough's Black and White Army, beating Forest away with 10 men

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    Reason for closure: flame bait.

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