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Thread: The Ashes Prediction Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_orthdox
    Actually, here's one more prediction:

    If Warne has a fantastic series, and especially if he wins Man of the Series, he'll announce his retirement.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dasa
    Still stand by this prediction?
    He may be on to something, after all.
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    It's funny. Warne gave one interview and said he wasn't going to made any commitments until he'd got back to Australia and had a break. I've seen this interview given headlines ranging from that one, to "Warne wants to win back the Ashes" or something similar. I don't think it means anything, and even if Australia had won he would have said roughly the same thing. He'll go back, play in the home tests, and probably make a comeback in ODIs and retire after the 2007 WC with McGrath.
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