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View Poll Results: Which attack will take the field at Lord's?

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  • Warne - Gillespie - Kasprowicz - McGrath

    12 33.33%
  • Warne - Gillespie - Lee - McGrath

    18 50.00%
  • Warne - Lee - Kasprowicz - McGrath

    5 13.89%
  • Warne - Lee - MacGill - McGrath

    1 2.78%
  • Other (please specify)

    0 0%
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Thread: Australia's frontline bowlers - Lord's

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    Australia's frontline bowlers - Lord's

    Your thoughts?
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    International Coach archie mac's Avatar
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    I think Blee will play in the firstTest, and poor Kaspa will miss out. Not that he deserves to.

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    should play their usual combo, IMO. Change it if it doesn't work, but not before.
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    International Regular shaka's Avatar
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    Brett's been impressive in the one dayers on this tour, so i picked Warne, Gillespie, Lee and McGrath.

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    Hall of Fame Member FaaipDeOiad's Avatar
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    The team picked will almost certainly be McGrath, Lee, Gillespie and Warne. Were I a selector though, I'd seriously consider picking Kasprowicz for better balance should he have a decent FC warmup game. He's a better old ball bowler, and has a different sort of style to the other two and compliments them nicely.

    edit: the other two being McGrath and Lee. Lee needs to be picked.
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    State Captain irfan's Avatar
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    I went for warne, lee, kaspa, mcGrath. i think theyve persisted with gillespie enough with nothing substantial in return throughout the NatWest series and he hasnt been anywhere near as menacing and accurate as usual. Kaspa is betta bowling at lefthanders (eng openers and thorpe if he is in) and his cutters will complement lee's pace and swing and mcGrath metronomic line & length

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    International Regular simmy's Avatar
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    Kent, England
    As an English supporter... Lee has been a real threat. Kaspa and Gillespie were fairly useless throughout...

    Even though Gillespie bowled better in the last game (at the Oval) he still does not look the same bowler.

    If Kaspa was English... and it was ENGLAND that were persisting with a 33 year old that was not producing the goods there would be criticisms. For example if Gough were to be selected (obv he wont because he is retired) the media would have a field day! Why wouldnt you pick Lee? He has had the edge over our openers, is the only real "pace" option, offers something with the bat and is exciting to watch.

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    Hall of Fame Member age_master's Avatar
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    i have a feeling Kaspa might miss out for the first test, depends who of him and Gillespie do worse in theis game vs Leics. for turning pitches though 2 spinners will be used im pretty sure, both leggies have good records against England i think.
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    Hall of Fame Member steds's Avatar
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    Tait, Gillespie, Kaspa and injuries to Warne, MacGill and Hogg meaning Hauritz is called up and plays would do me nicely

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    U19 Vice-Captain
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    Bret Lee will probably be selected but will not be effective in the tests i am confident england can deal with him infact the only bowler i am really concerned about is mcgrath even warne is not a terryifing prospect

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend Mister Wright's Avatar
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    I've gone for McGrath, Gillespie, Kaspa & Warne. They have been doing the job for over 12 months now, and was the cobmination that won the series in India and didn't lose a test on home soil (bar one test) last season and won convincingly in New Zealand too.

    Don't fix what isn't broken.

    However, I think with Pietersen being selected for England they will probably go with McGrath, Lee, Gillespie and Warne. Which will be to our disadvantage as Kaspa adds a lot with the new ball and is a very adequate 1st change, and has bowled well in tandem with Warne especially in India. He's a good foil for Ponting. I just feel if Lee is to be picked we have to be sure of Gillespie's form, McGrath & Warne can bowl long spells, but even they can't bowl all day, if Lee's only going to bowl 4 or 5 over spells, then Gillespie needs to be bowling very well.
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    I think Australia will go for Warne - Gillespie - Lee - McGrath. But I think Kasper would do better than Lee or Gillespie overall if picked.
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    Hall of Fame Member chaminda_00's Avatar
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    Lee has a lot more fitness then Shoiab so he will bowl more then 4 or 5 over spells. But they will go for Kaspra, Gillespie, McGarth and Warne. If they were going to drop Kaspra or Gillespie it would have been in NZ. Lee is not bowling any better and Gillespie and Kaspra are side bowling crap.
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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend Mister Wright's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaminda_00
    Lee has a lot more fitness then Shoiab so he will bowl more then 4 or 5 over spells. But they will go for Kaspra, Gillespie, McGarth and Warne. If they were going to drop Kaspra or Gillespie it would have been in NZ. Lee is not bowling any better and Gillespie and Kaspra are side bowling crap.
    It has been quoted extensively that Lee will be used in short spells between 4 & 6 overs becuase it is felt that he is not as effective and gets tired if he bowls longer spells. Ponting, Buchannon et al have all said as much.

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    International Captain Slow Love™'s Avatar
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    This poll would probably have been better titled "Who do you think SHOULD take the field at Lords?".

    As it stands, I think McGrath, Lee, Gillespie and Warne will play (although I'm not as absolutely certain that Lee will take the field as some CW posters).

    I would probably like to have seen McGrath, Lee, Kasper and Warne though. It's bothered me how much the English batsmen have gone after Gillespie, even if his final performance was much better (though still far from his best, IMO). But if Dizzy plays quite well against Leicestershire, I'd be reasonably happy with him playing (so long as he outperforms Kasprowicz, that is). His form concerns me a lot more than Kasper's does on the tour so far, though.
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