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Thread: Ganguly's tall claim!

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    LE: IMO it is very bad. Everyone knows India are still a mediocre test team. But the moment one win happens everything is buried coz u have praise from all quarters blinding most ppl.

    For example after the third test we have gone with the same team...which is a dumb thing as i said before the test. Agarkar sucked..he should have been dropped..but after all this praise the team management wont do it coz if they lose the game they media will come down like a ton of bricks.

    Inability to be honest after victories is not gonna help india or for that matter any team go anywhere.
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    Fair comment, Scorpio.

    Maybe Sourav's getting his armour on early, anticipating a backlash if things don't go to plan?

    Honestly, LE Petulengro hasn't done a horoscope for him saying 'beware the Ides of March'.
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