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Thread: Merv Hughes As Australian Selector....... Your Having A Laugh!!!

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    Merv Hughes As Australian Selector....... Your Having A Laugh!!!

    Must say I am amused with the inclusion of Merv Hughes as Australian selector (to replace 'Captain Grumpy' Allan Border)..
    Feel sorry for all those cricketers who are going to be subjected to Merv's taunts.
    And theres me thinking that Australia were a professional unit.........HAHAHA!

    "When Merv leaves school, he is going to have to be very good at football and cricket." - Merv Hughes' fifth form geography report
    "You do well to love cricket, because it is more free from anything sordid, anything dishonourable than any game in the world. To play it keenly, generously, self-sacrificingly is a moral lesson in itself, and the classroom is God's air and sunshine. Foster it, my brothers, so that it may attract all who find the time to play it, protect it from anything that will sully it, so that it may grow in favour with all men."

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    Who would have ever thought that Boon & Hughes would be on Australia's selection panel. Wonder how many beers will be consumed when teams are selected in the future?
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    well u'd have to think that they'd bring up the century between them

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    I'm sure that Mervyn will serve Australian cricket very well, and I hope that his reputation doesn't cloud the judgements of others when the selection committee has to make hard decisions.

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    Merv Hughes an Australian selector... now I've heard it all.
    Agree thoroughly with v_o, though.
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