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Thread: O no! DOLPHINS runnerup in first 20/20 cup

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    O no! DOLPHINS runnerup in first 20/20 cup

    The karachi Dolphins lost to Wolves in the first Twenty20 final championship game in Pakistan. Couple of positives in this entire tournament I'd like to highlight.
    THE (sad) STORY

    ===Moin Khan is in superb form, scoring a hundred and bunch of fifties in the 20/20 series!

    ===According to some reports, 12-15 thousand people have been showing up for the evening day/night matches in domestic cricket!

    ===Shoaib Akhtar is in killer form with 5/26

    ===The bowlers get incentive for bowling maidens

    ===Two games everyone is waiting impatiently(ESPECIALLY THE SPONSERS) are the ones where Shahid Afridi is set to bat.

    ===And best of all, you get to see stars, you have bad ase slugging, family atmosphere, full house, great sponsers (for a first time), and domestic matches are being shown on TV.

    Twenty20 a hit in Pakistan? Methinks, yes.

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    The really fast bowlers seem to do well in Twenty20, in SA Steyn has an incredible economy rate of 4.45 from 7 Twenty20 games. I think that's now at least 6 countries that have Twenty20.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178
    "Obstructing the field" - don't often see that.
    makes you wonder what he did.

    streaking? lol

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    A confirmed hit in SA and the UK... Good to see the spread..
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