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Thread: Inzi escapes stone throwing attack...Shocking!!

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    Inzi must have forgotten it

    JAMSHEDPUR: Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq and his teammates visited the Tata Cancer Hospital in Jamshedpur on Thursday and ended up feeling that there were so many more important things in life to deal with than the game of cricket.

    "You go and meet these cancer stricken children and you wonder why all this fuss about a cricket series when there are so many other more important issues facing humanity, like finding a permanent cure for something tragic like cancer," Inzamam said in a pensive mood after the hour-long visit.

    But for the young boys and girls in the childrenís ward, just meeting the Pakistani cricketers was a dream come true for them and cheered them up for the day.

    Inzamam was visibly moved when he was introduced to a five-year-old child who has been given 20 more days to live after suffering from blood cancer.

    But the 14-year old Ismail also suffering from the same disease would not let go of Inzamamís arm during a round of the hospital. "Uncle, aap ko ghussa nahin karna chahiye," (You shouldnt get angry) was the advice he gave to his hero whom he watched in quite a rage after geting run out in the second one-dayer in Visakhapatnam.

    As the doctors and nurses taking the Pakistani cricketers around explained the various diseases and terminal illnesses afflicting the young children and older people, a number of the Pakistani players were clearly emotional and felt depressed.

    "So innocent and vulnerable. It just makes you pray again and again and thank God for his blessings," wondered Danish Kaneria said after meeting with a 21-year-old girl who is in the early stages of throat cancer.

    Shahid Afridi proved a favourite with most of the patients and he cheered things up when he recalled some funny incidents from his career for the benefit of the avid listeners.

    Shahid, whose father himself is very ill and bed ridden, said visiting the hospital was the nicest thing the team could have done in India.

    Inzamam, before leaving, had a quick impromptu meeting with some of his players and then announced a donation of Rs 100,000 for the hospital.

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    This Gladiatrsinblue character wories me, poor form by the moron hurling the stone, however the quality and camaraderie that the Pakistani cricketers have is really coming to the fore in this tour, well done Inzi. Iíd doubt the majority of India shares the same views as the stone thrower, just another extremist trying to make a pathetic point through small minded actions. One question for Mr. Gladiator how does it strike (excuse the pun) you that India didnít experience anything like this on their tour to Pakistan?
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