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Thread: Please Help Me!!

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    Please Help Me!!

    I tried posting this a while ago but it went un-noticed, please spare some time to help me out
    Firstly sorry of this isn't the right place to put this but I'm desperate!
    I'm currently studying to complete my HSC and in order to do this I have to complete a major work for the subject Society and Culture. My Personal Interest Project is entitled
    "The Gentelmans Game: What Influence does the print media havein creating role models out of our sportspeople."
    In order to help satisfy one requirement for the project I'm u ndertaking case studies on Michael Clarke and Shane Warne. I would greatly appreciate it if people would post their opinions on these two players (either or both) with comments about them on and off the field. I would credit anyone who helps or keep the unknown if that's their request, it would also be great if you could leave your age.
    Thanks so much for your time and consideration!

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    You know, if you put this in Cricket Chat rather than in the Computer Games section, you might have more luck...
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