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Thread: Dravid goes to number 1 in test ratings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    No, exactly.
    The reality, of course, is that bowlers take rare wickets with slower-deliveries and plenty of wickets with other deliveries in the meantime. Sometimes slower-balls can help make other deliveries into wicket-taking ones, of course.. you do acknowledge that preceeding deliveries can actually eventually lead to a ball that takes a we are getting somewhere with you

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    But, based on fairly rough research, I'd say that figure was reasonably accurate.

    thats more like the old Richard
    rave down, hit the ground


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    Find me where I've said they never do?
    What I've said time and again and will continue to say is that things in which changes are easily spotted (length, line, angle-on-crease, etc.) are not something that will cause good batsmen problems; nor is a slow scoring-rate in a limitless-over game.
    But of course some things, principally such things as sideways and\or up-and-down movement, but also change-of-pace to a lesser extent, do cause doubt and it'd be terrible batsmenship if they didn't.
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