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Thread: SONY Gets International Rights for Ind/Pak

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustTool
    Did you find this on the DishNetwork site ? I can't find it - could you post the link, please ?
    Thanks !
    It's not on their website, possibly because it's weekend and people updating the site may be off. But if you check their guide (channel 471)using your remote, you'll find it says the match will start at 11 PM on Monday on channel 471.

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    Awesome !!!!!!!

    $250 is a bit steep. It should really be free as it is all over India and Pakistan. And to see that we already shell out $100+/month for DISH. I hav ebeen paying for years but am getting fed-up now. These things should be getting chepaer not more expensive...

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    indeed. dishnetwork is totally exploiting north american viewers by charging so much!

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