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Thread: pakistan/india team for test matches

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    pakistan/india team for test matches

    to me its a no brainer, taufeeq umar can sit it out!
    1- salman butt
    2- yasir hameed
    3- younis khan
    4- inzamam-ul-haq
    5- yousuf youhana
    6- malik/afridi (depending on weather malik can bowl, but afridi deserves a chance)
    7- razzaq
    8- kamran akmal
    9- mohammad sami
    10- naved-ul-hasan
    11- kaneria

    that is the strongest side we can put out, salman butt will shine in this tour. As willirfan pathan for india...anyway let me knw ur sides. and indian side.

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    There is already a Sticky thread

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