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Thread: The Mother of all Indi-Pak games!!! Javed's Six!

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    The Mother of all Indi-Pak games!!! Javed's Six!

    I am sure alot of people on this forum have not seen this specially non Indian Pakistani members, so here is the 19 Mintute H/L's of Pakistani Innings!

    Copy and paste the URL in windows media player or winamp

    Pak Batting: 2nd inn

    Enjoy, and comment in this thread!
    Indian Views are most welcome
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    My Views

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bouncer
    Indian Views are most welcome
    At a time when India is about to take on Pakistan, Pakistani fans are more inclined to talk about matches that occured 19-20 yers back rather than commenting on matches that are about to be played now. How very interesting, maybe thats coz they have no hope from current Pak side.

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    Steady on, there's no need to dismiss this team just because they got destroyed by Australia at home.

    Many, many teams get that feeling.
    "The Australian cricket captain is the Prime Minister Australia wishes it had. Steve Waugh is that man, Michael Clarke is not." - Jarrod Kimber

    RIP Fardin Qayyumi and Craig Walsh - true icons of CricketWeb.

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    I don't how many times we have to say this but linking to copyrighted material IS NOT ALLOWED ON THIS FORUM.

    Consider this first warning Boucher - next time it happens you'll find yourself banned.

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