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Thread: The selection of Indian test team???

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    The selection of Indian test team???

    The selectors did a wonderfull job, i wonder if anyone of them have a brain??

    The 16 member squad had just 3 specialists pacers, while there were two allrounders in it (in test matches, specialists pacers are needed rather than bits and pieces allrounders)Of the three pacers, one(TINU) is just a joy rider, he isnt considered good for the playing 11 even when others are struggling.One of the allrounder have been a proven failure at test level, still the selectors wanna stick with him.
    After Nath,Prasad was ur most experiance bowler, why isnt he in the team??? Shouldnt he been selected ahead of ajit and Bangar????? Why all this injustice to the pacer?

    When it comes to keeper, every tom dick and harry can be considered for the job EXCEPT Mongia.Gupta/Ratra/Patel...all failed, they will improve with time, BUT why do we have to induct them so early?? We have two keepers in the team, but Mongia whos doing extremely well in domestic cric isnt in the team.Such a pity !

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    Read more carefully before posting about a topic which has already been posted, please. Thank you.

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