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Thread: Stupid Haddin

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    Stupid Haddin

    One of the worst decisions ever. Could well cost us a home final.

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    Especially since Qld don't need to chase the win for points. Although knowing Qld they will probably go for the win.
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    Really really atrocious. I wasn't there but from what I heard batting conditions were horrible today, and QLD could have been 2 or 3 down and 150-odd behind at stumps. Instead they'll end up chasing 300 in 75 overs

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    hmmmmm yeah definetaly think he should've enforcd the follow on. You never know what may have been said in the dressing sheds. He's quickies may have been a tad tired because it was terribly in hot in Sydney over the past two days (particularly Saturday) and it was even hotter in the western suburbs.

    But i do thiknk it would've been a smarter decision to take your chances and enforce the follow on. In a day and a session there is no chance of Queensland closing down a 200-run deficit and then getting far enough in front with enough time to bowl out NSW.

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