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View Poll Results: Who will perform well or win @ 2007 World Cup

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  • Australia

    13 41.94%
  • Bangladesh

    0 0%
  • England

    5 16.13%
  • India

    3 9.68%
  • New Zealand

    4 12.90%
  • Pakistan

    2 6.45%
  • South Africa

    1 3.23%
  • Sri Lanka

    0 0%
  • West Indies

    3 9.68%
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Thread: ***2007 World Cup***

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    International Debutant Natman20's Avatar
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    ***2007 World Cup***

    Who is likely to perform well @ 2007 world cup.

    <Sorry bout other thread that was accident>

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    My heart says India, my head says Aussies so they are the one's I voted for.

    I would love India to win. If not then South Africa and then England.

    If it cant be India we must have a new winner. But.....

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    International Captain Buddhmaster's Avatar
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    Same place as the Ashes
    I went for Pakistan, because I like the way alot of their youngsters are going, and by then, they'll be well on their way to being stars.

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    Cricket Web Moderator Neil Pickup's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddhmaster
    I went for Pakistan, because I like the way alot of their youngsters are going, and by then, they'll be well on their way to being stars.
    Or, as is more likely, dropped for another batch of 15-year-olds...

    I'm going to say England for no other reason other than I'm English
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    Virat Kohli (c) Jono's Avatar
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    I'll just vote who I want to win without being too biased. So I won't vote India, I'll vote the West Indies.
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    Cricket, Lovely Cricket Pratters's Avatar
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    I was the first to vote for Pakistan.

    Will be backing South Africa and India though the way the teams are functioning, only a captaincy change in both teams would mean some hope.

    Graeme Smith - tactless captain
    S.C.Ganguly - Done a good work as captain. But people have to go at some time. Time to give some one else the chance just like we gave the chance to a young Azhar and a young Ganguly.

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    How do we vote Kenya?

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    International Captain Hoggy31's Avatar
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    alanis morrissette
    West Indies will do well, with the home crowds and all.

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    Hall of Fame Member age_master's Avatar
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    Aus will probably win but WI will give it a good shake, will no doubt be well supported at home
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