hi guys in my first post on this board i said i have been following cricket only since few months, considering that in the country i live in (italy) its quite unknown and though i had lived in England in the past i didnt have interst in it. My previous questioh was about a rule, now i wish to ask you to explain me, in brief....., the real difference about ODIs and test matches. Not the duration etc...i know about limited overs in ODIs, fielding restrictions bla bla bla, just the difference in the competion "Importance". I mean test matches should be more important (right?) but why after a test series is completed (like in outh Africas these days) then a ODIs session take off? Can be considered a sort of "consolation" for the losing side? Or a chance to settle the score? Are the best players kept for Test matches leaving some interesting prospect the chance to impress during ODIs?
One last thing? Is there an international tournament for top club teams like the Champions league or the UEFA Cup in football?
Thanks very much.