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Thread: Shocking News!

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    Shocking News!

    I can't believe what i read today. In Times of India, and even on Pak news papers there is a reports which says that a Pakistani cricket player raped an Australian women during the current tour. Pakistani team is obviously denying that and Woolmer says he's shocked.

    I can't believe Pakistani player descending to such low level.This is a shameless incident and if its true then i believe the entire Pak team should be banned for 5 years. I mean who would like to host a team whose players happen to be rapist and are threat to fairer ***?

    I hope though that the news is incorrect, don't want to see Pakistan cricket team in trouble but if its true then i'm very sad.

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    Thread was started and Locked earlier

    No one knows the facts no point in blaming anyone, could be a farce

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    Speculating and mass blame is very, very suspect legal territory.

    We won't be entering into any guessing games here.
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