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Thread: One more illusion

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    One more illusion

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    Of course he never says people chuck. I can just imagine him pointing the finger at Shoaib with his record (Purely an example, Im sure Shoaib does not throw).
    I have gentle respect for the big 'M', but im sure it would be better for everyone if he didn't talk about the issue. Good old Sri Lankan board for banning him from speaking without their permission.

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    Good on Murali, for clarifying his comments.

    Obviously part of his interview was deliberately used by the snakes in the Aussie Media to sensationalise and put some dirt on him !!

    Obviously it didn't work out !!

    Just as the idiot Craddock's (Herald Sun) pathetic attempt to create another rubbish story, which the ICC website has refuted .

    ICC dismisses reports of bowler 'hit list'

    Brendan McClements November 16, 2004

    The International Cricket Council today dismissed claims appearing in the Australian press that it had drawn up a 'hit list' of bowlers to be targeted over their actions.

    ICC General Manager - Cricket David Richardson who chaired an expert sub-committee which discussed the issue of illegal actions said the suggestion that the panel had compiled such a list was nonsense.

    "To say that the ICC has a specific list of bowlers under scrutiny is completely untrue," said Mr Richardson.

    "The expert sub-committe was convened to look at the overall picture of the current regulations for dealing with potentially flawed bowling actions.

    "It dealt with principles and processes not personalities. It had no mandate or responsibilities to report on specific players or their bowling actions and at no stage did it do so.

    "It is disappointing that this report has appeared without any attempt to discuss this issue with the ICC. One phone call prior to publication could have dealt with this."

    Other members of the sub-committee were Aravinda de Silva, Angus Fraser, Michael Holding, Tony Lewis and Tim May. It met in October 2004 and produced a series of recommendations that will be considered by the ICC Chief Executives' Committee in February 2005.


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