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Thread: Ganguly's Suspension - Great news!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono
    You're conveniently forgetting Butt's cramping.
    LOL! Was this intentional? Either way it's going straight into my signature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178
    You're trying to tell us it takes about 7 and a half minutes to change a ball?
    Where did I say that ?? Having trouble with reading simple english , eh ??

    The fact is I dont know what went on there, and neither do most of us. I didn't get a chance to watch the second innings to see how many times ball was changed, or how much time went into drying the wet ball(due to the dew) or how many times game had to be stopped because of Salman Butt's cramping or demand for a runner. Whatever the case, Ganguly is within his right to appeal. I dont know why it is too difficult for you to understand.

    Why cant we wait for couple of days till this commisioner reviews all the factors and decide if the ban was justified or not ?

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    ok, now though, the question is, if this guy Castle finds that the suspension was justified, does Ganguly miss the next test and the game India plays after that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178
    Yes, and 8 ball changes don't take an hour

    Add to that the fact that Salman cramped once, took a LONG time and then got going again, only to call in sick and take more time and then call in a runner, and again cramp up and again take some treatment, taking some time and then going off retired. Then he came back, got some runs, then again cramped up and again took some time. Plus, they had to wipe the ball for about 20 seconds every ball, and the 12th man had to bring in a new towel like every over or every second over.

    I know Sourav wastes time deliberately at times, but this is not one such occassion and I think Lloyd over-reacted a bit.
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    Maybe Saurav should get a ban,not for two tests though,its too harsh...(I cant believe I said this)...The best thing to be done here is to take away his captaincy,if not drop him(hope Clive was BCCI selector!)...I know its been said too many times but theres one more reason...I was listening to expert comments on the First two days of Ind SA match and they kept saying that Saurav was not at all agressive,and didn't look to set attacking fields to get wickets...especially in the case of Murali Kartik,poor boy,doesn't get the Captain's support and confidence he deserves...
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    Well that was all just a lot of hot air then!
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    "In his judgement, Castle explained: "On any analysis, the delay of nearly an hour to the finish of a 50 over ODI game beyond its scheduled finish time, is out of an acceptable range. I am of the opinion that the circumstances were particularly unusual in this game and a large number of them conspired to cause the delays which occurred." In his appeal, Ganguly had brought attention to frequent changing of the ball, the heavy dew and injury to Pakistan batsman Salman Butt, all of which would slow the over-rate."

    Glad to see common sense prevailed. Now if/when Ganguly does it again (and deserves to be punished) then maybe the ICC will impose a penalty, however if he's not at fault, no matter what his past, he shouldn't be punished.
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