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Thread: indian supporter

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    indian supporter

    Once upon a time there was an indian (a cricket fan). Indian was playing a match at the wankhede Stadium, but on the same day his wife was in hospital having a delivery. He had no intentions of missing the match, so he decided to watch the match and visit his wife later on.

    The match began, india lost two quick wickets. The man was dissapointed. He remembered his wife, quickly picked up his mobile phone and quickly dialled the number.

    in his anxiety he had accidently dialled the number of the stadium instead of the hospital. Asking the man on the phone (thinking it to be the doctor) he asked "so whats the result".

    the man replied "It's still in process, two are out and nine are left, and the last one was a duck"

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    Oh, now I get it.

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    Hahaha, that was pretty good.

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