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Thread: Breaking News - Ganguly Dropped ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyD
    well i think its a good chance for Dravid to lead his country against the top yeam in the world, and prove hikself to be agood captain, and oust Ganguly 4eva!
    Except it's not looking that way, and in his previous game before that the side was hammered as well...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warne is god
    Gantooly being dropped wouldn't surprise me, he hasn't done much lately. And thats me being nuetral. Me in my Gantooly hating mood is loving this

    Quote Originally Posted by Warne is god
    Look at it this way, if Ganguly wasn't the captain he would've been dropped a while ago. His injury has just made it very easy for the selectors. Ganguly could find it hard to get back into the team based on form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reason4passion
    ... By the way Warne is not God
    Then who is ??

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