Yes, yes, yes. I know I've asked a bit of questions about the cricket games. Here's the last one before I buy Cric 2004.

Back when WC 99 first came out, I was working at wal-mart making just enough money to buy little things for myself. When it came out, I saved up some money, bought it, and was highly disappointed by the game. EA didn't get anything right, especially the gameplay.

Just recently I downloaded a demo of BLC, and absolutely loved the gameplay, the controls, the level of difficulty.

Now, my question is for those who own Cricket 2004, how does it compare to the two games I just mentioned in the following categories:

  1. How's the gameplay?
  2. Is playing a match like practicing your big shots with absolutely no regard for timing?
  3. What kind of controls, on PC?
  4. When the AI fields, are there misfields, or are the players incapable of dropping a catch?
  5. Is Qaddafi Stadium included? (please say yes)
  6. How realistic are the graphics?
  7. Is commentary repetitive like WC 99?
  8. Is it worth buying?

I'd appreciate it if I got some serious answers.