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Thread: 20/20 cricket

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    Harmison is fast and tall enough to get his fair share of dot balls from guys playing and missing, also if you need wickets or to get a guy out when they're going well or to bowl the opening overs with the fielding restrictions he's as good as anyone. I agree with spin bowlers working well in the game, but that's mostly in England where most of the players don't have much clue against spin bowlers and they're usually facing international class spin bowlers anyway. I think in internationals the balance will shift back towards pace bowling.

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    Cairns would be in a 20 over world XI

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    Cairns is still hitting the ball like he used to.

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    Against Bangladesh maybe, his bowling isn't up to it tho. I don't see how he could genuinely oust any of the following anyway.

    Shahid Afridi
    Shoaib Malik

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    The fixtures worked out how I expected, play 3 teams twice (home and away) and the other 2 teams once.

    Durham get to play Yorkshire, Lancashire and Leicestershire twice as for the other teams you can go check yourselves at

    I personally think the breaks between group games and the quarter finals and finals day are too big, but I guess they're trying to fit it all in around other stuff.

    Group games are on every day 22nd June to 6th July inclusive
    Quarter finals are 18th July
    Finals day 30th July

    Plenty of games to listen to via BBC internet radio anyway (and to laugh at with all the commentary bias from the regional stations).

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    Maybe Cairns would be in the team in place of Tendulkar

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaka
    Maybe Cairns would be in the team in place of Tendulkar
    I think Tendulkar would score as fast as most of the players in the team (especially if the pitch isn't straight-forward), simply because he can play all the shots and 20 over cricket is more about playing a shot every ball as opposed to trying to smash each delivery for 6... although there are plenty of other batsmen in that team who'd have that base covered already, so still no dice with Cairns.

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    I would like to see this kind of cricket all ove the world. BE exciting telecast as well. Hayden, Tendulkar, Flintoff.....

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    Well, on top of the Pakistan game Australia also have 20/20 matches scheduled to kick off the tours of New Zealand and England later next year, so there's no doubt that it is going to be a game played internationally.

    As an aside, are the statistics going to be included as limited over internationals, since they have been everywhere from 40 to 60 overs in the past, or will it be an entirely new category?

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    I would think they'd go in an entirely new category, 20 overs is significantly different to 50 overs and of course ODIs are a minimum of 25 overs each, so it'd make sense to differentiate between them.

    The thing I like about the possibility of international 20 overs cricket is that it would make the non-Test nations more competitive and there would then be more interest from them, like with football - each team has a chance of pulling something off with a miracle performance, like a Davison smashing a 100 for Canada might give them a great chance in a 20 over game (although WI got the runs off 20.3 overs in that World Cup game).

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    The ICC ruling was, I believe, changed to 20 overs to constitute a game.

    Still think it will be a different category.
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    shoaib malik

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    I really dont want to see 20/20 replace ODI or Tests and as long as that doesn't happen I would be a fan of 20/20.
    Its like all the bests parts of a normal OD but with some of the less exhilirating parts extracted.
    With that said, Im sure most if not all the members of the forum appreciate every aspect of both OD and Test/FC cricket, whether exciting or not.

    Im a traditionalist at heart.

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    I'm sure it wouldn't replace ODIs or Tests although if it becomes popular internationally as expected it could certainly reduce the number of other format games to make room for 20 over games although you could always play 2/3 20 over games in a day. I personally think there are far too many meaningless ODI series played - like 5 games of Zimbabwe v England, or the 7 games there were supposed to be for WI v England. I know these are money making ventures, but that's all they are - you're not gonna care a week after they're done with and these could well be superseded by 20 over games. Test series (well most of 'em) have prestige as do proper ODI competitions like Champions Trophy and the World Cup, if it means we're mainly down to these with some 20 over games and an equivalent World Cup/Champions Trophy thrown in all the better I think.

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