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Thread: Cricket Season, Your

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    Cricket Season, Your

    i was wondering how many of the forum members here actually play cricket and how they are going ?
    my season started a couple of weeks ago, so far we have had 2 50 over matches and i have got 0*(1) and 1/20(6) in the first game and 0*(1, again) and 2/35(9), both in losing causes

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    My team (in Invercargill) had their first game at the weekend and won. Unfortunately, I was at a wedding, so couldn't play.

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    perth, australia
    we've had 2 games so far

    First game we bowled out the opposition for 225 in 39 overs (40 over matcH)
    and we made 199 chasing, of which i made 25. I also bowled 6 overs for 54 runs although i had 3 droped chances

    Second game was a shcoker. We bowled out opposition in 38 overs for 170. Chasing we only made 59, i made 3

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