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Thread: Need Batting Advise

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    Need Batting Advise

    Hi all, new on this site
    Im back into club cricket after a 10-15 year lay off. The body just hurts more now lol. Our team has already been playing the same team for a few weeks as pre season training. in 3 matches i have gone 7,43 off 39 and 45 off lots. Im a leftie and i feel like im getting the groove back. Just extra pace is a little tricky. I just want some advise to how i can try to make more singles, im not into running fast 2s as im pretty slow, and ive already been run out twice. but if i can make some more singles i can start scoring a little faster. Or should i just play my natural game? I tend to play with a straight bat with not alot of runs coming especially at the start. Im decent pulling, mid wicket or straight, hopeless outside the off stump and if swinging likely to nick one through

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    Perhaps just a bit more fitness, practicing fast running, getting back into the swing of things etc. Particularly if you've had a long time not playing, these sorts of things may take a little while to sort out.

    All in all, though, I really don't know. In my time playing, it's been clear that some players are more adept or able at taking singles than others, and you may just have to put up with what you produce (paticularly if like me, you can only really play a leg-glance).
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    I find that playing very late helps, as does focusing on where gaps are (vs where fielders are)
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