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Thread: Issues with inconsistent run up

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    Issues with inconsistent run up

    Iíve played cricket since I was around 8, and have always bowled off the wrong foot. I stopped playing when I was around 16, and have only this season started playing again, now at the age of 24. I can happily bowl launching off the correct foot now, but because of habit I canít seem to consistently take off from the right place and therefore often end up losing my stride a little and just trotting a little to get into the right place, or just generally losing rhythm and therefore am struggling to find my rhythm whilst bowling. I donít seem to consistently be in the same place a couple of steps before taking off and is really throwing me off, leaving me losing my action a bit and having to think about two or three things rather than just where I want to land it. I have other issues to address but I think this is the main one meaning Iím losing pace and rhythm. I am coming off 12 paces.

    Does anyone know any drills or general tips for sorting this out?

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    Start with a shorter run up. Just the delivery stride and a bit.
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    the general advice is to just run and bowl in an open space without stumps/creases/markings/etc. to distract you. Just mark out your starting point, and where your foot lands after delivering the ball. Do this for a few overs, find a rhythm you like, and keep marking out where your foot lands. Once you have a consistent landing point for several deliveries in a row, you have found your run-up length. Measure that and use it in the nets.
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    Used to have a chronic no ball problem

    We’re talking really bad as in 12 ball overs to start a game

    Cured it by running in with my eyes closed, letting go whenever I felt comfortable and having a friend measure the best feeling one out

    Hardly ever bowled a no ball again

    Lots of rubbish but few no balls

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