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Thread: Bat Knocking In

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    Bat Knocking In


    Recently got into cricket.

    I'll admit to it right off the bat....

    I used a bat without knocking it in first (i thought it was pre knocked in but it was a different one than what I'd ordered)

    Its obviously now got some dents and a couple of fractures along the edges.

    My question is it it worth sticking with and knocking it in still, or just to get rid?

    Was only a cheapish bat anyway....

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    Knock it in and put fibre tape
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    yes agree..if its already dented then once you have the tape on it, use an older softer ball at first and then move onto a new hard ball..
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    And once you've knocked it in, no matter what you do, don't use it on bowling machines. the balls they use on those things are basically bat-breakers. If you decide to get into the game more, would strongly recommend having a much cheaper practice bat to use on those things and keeping your better bat for game day.
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