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Thread: New Bat for Burgeinho

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    New Bat for Burgeinho

    Good Morning,

    Having spent a thousand bucks on a ****ing bat for the young bloke two years ago, it now has cracks in the back and front of the blade up near the handle, though apparently it's still playing ok. It's cannon of a thing and he wants to get another GM.

    It being the second half of the season here, there are a few deals going around, he's seen a 2lb 9oz GM DXM Chrome, down from $925 to $650.00. Anyone used one or have one, and how have you found them? Bats are too expensive these days to go into without some sort of clue as to how they go.
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    Get a Laver & Wood instead. You're paying the same amount of money, but getting something that is custom made and higher quality. If mine breaks - which I desperately hope it doesn't, though I've now used it for 3.5 seasons and 2500 runs so it's seen a bit of use - I'm not even going to bother looking at anyone else, despite living on the opposite side of the world.
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    Social Jnr has a harrow GN Atomic which set me back about $150 and has just about as good a middle in it as any bat I can remember using in the dark ages

    Assuming that's the case with most modern bats, there's no need to spend a grand on one and particularly when cricket gear is on sale at many places

    You know the drill - point him towards the discounted ones and have him find one that he likes
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    Tons of good bats available in the $200 range. They usually last a season if you use them in both nets and games but easily more if you play less and take good care of them.

    Burgey's loaded though and as with most things, you get what you pay for, so no reason why he shouldn't spend more on something that's better, especially if Burgeinho has his eye on something.

    Never used L&W but I've heard lots of good things about them. Millichamp is another maker that creates ****ing amazing blades.
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    This is my mate's shop. Not sure what the bats are like, but they're reasonably priced.
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