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Thread: Batting help

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    Batting help

    Hi guys,

    I have a very Ricky Pontingesque stance and backlift. I score most of my runs throught drives, leg glance and pull shot.

    I like to use a heavy bat (about 1.3kgs) with double grip. I believe that helps my shots gain some power since I'm only a touch/timing player and by no means a hitter.

    Now, the problem is that I cannot play square cut to the greatest of effects. Either I cannot connect it at all or it goes in the air for one/two bounce four but I struggle to keep it down.

    Is it because of the heavy bat I'm using or there is something in my technique that I need to change?

    Another question is what is the key to play a regular sweep shot? I seem to miss it all the time and the ball either misses my off stump or goes over it most times. Some times I have been bowled that way too.

    Sorry for not providing the footage.

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    heavy bat defo makes cut shots harder. Could be technical though, hard to tell without seeing it
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    If you are playing with heavy bat for a long time then I assume you are comfortable with it. Sachin sir said in his book "Play in my way" that many cricket experts advised to use lighter bat but he feel comfortable with heavy so he continue with that.

    You might need to look if your grip on bat is proper and secondly have to look weight transfer to back foot.

    The important is that you have to spend more time on drill in net to practice it.

    You can look this video very master blaster Sachin Tendulkar teaching how to play square cut.

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