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Thread: NB Bat Issue

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    NB Bat Issue

    So, 2 Months ago I purchased a NB TC 660 Bat from an online UK Retailer, in that time the bat has developed a creaking sound coming from around the splice, It is most noticeable during my trigger movement while moving the bat around, I've had a Gray Nicolls bat make this same sound before and upon removing the stickers on the back of the splice discovered a 2cm ish crack straight across the bat, So far I've not removed the stickers from the bat as the last game of the season is this saturday and will need it for then, however the retailer is asking for me to pay 10 GBP to even look at the bat.

    Has anyone else had an issue the same as or similar to this and in such a case what did you do about it?

    It's worth noting that I've never hit a ball off of the splice area and haven't faced bowling over 65mph since I started using the bat. The bat was professionally knocked in and rolled, so this should not be an issue.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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