Hi all,

So the new season is about the start and I play on the amateur circuit in my county. I've bought two Kookaburra Kahuna 650s, a 2-8 and a 2-10. How long do I need to knock each? Does it really take 6 hours to properly knock a bat? I've got linseed oil for lubrication.

Also, what would be a good bat for the nets? I've never really used a Kashmir Willow bat here in the UK so was wondering if a cheap Kashmir willow bat would be ok just for net sessions. I've looked at the Slazenger 1000 Advance - Slazenger | Slazenger 1000 Advantage Cricket Bat | Cricket Bats

I don't really want to use my Kahunas at the nets, we train indoors at the Oval on concrete.