Hi all,

From my experience there's 3 methods of generating pace as a seamer(obviously there is some crossover and people tend to be a mixture of a couple of these):

The first being the type of bowler that charges in and relies on their momentum gained in their run up. Steven Kirby is a good example here.

Secondly, there is the seamer who has a fast, whippy arm action, the speed of their arm is the main source of pace. Wasim Akram is a great example

Finally, there is the category I feel I fall into. The type of seamer who only really uses the run up for rhythm, gets to the crease balanced and then 'muscles' the ball down the other end. Rory Kleinveldt would fit the bill for this one.

I just thought I'd post a thread for people who have experience in this type of action to collate their thoughs and tips that have helped them. Not just for pace, but accuracy/swing/seam/rhythm/the action itself.

Any input would be greatly appreciated,