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Thread: Coaching for a living

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    Coaching for a living

    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to know if it was possible to make a good living as a cricket coach, as i was interested in becoming one full time.

    I live in London and am very passionate about the game but didnt think i could sustain a living by teaching cricket.

    If anyone here could give me a opinion i would be very appreciative.


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    Hi there, don't know much about current coaching opportunities in UK although I did play couple of seasons in UK. Living by coaching is not as easy as it sounds. Depends on what you are after. I've seen some folks thrive locally coaching and they aren't too bad but depends on what you are after. Ideally a Level 1 coaching certification (basic coaching which can be taken up here through application to local cricket association) charge anywhere between NZD $30-$40 a session of one hour duration. The Level 2 which can be acquired after clearing level 1 coaching and about 200 hours of coaching. The Level 2 coaching is invitation only and at the discretion of local cricket association. Ideally if you completed level 1 and actively coaching you can aim to be called up for level 2 coaching. Level 2 coach charges anywhere between $50 to $60 per hour locally. With Level 2 coaching, you could be coaching a club, school or of that level. Here level 3 coaching can only be attended if the NZ Cricket board invites a coach. Usually the local association will forward the name of the level 2 coach and NZC will ask the applicant to apply. NZC will then approve or disapprove based on the quality of the application. It's a long haul the level 3 completion, it's ideally a 2 year course. This allows a coach to professionally coach a first class sides and above. Just completing level 3 will not give you an opportunity to coach first class or international teams but does give you the qualifications. With the right contact then you can be living of it fairly comfortably. A level 3 coach locally charges about $100 for an hour's coaching. Level 3 is the highest level of coaching that is available.

    Hope this helps. Without going into details of how I know this, I can certainly assure you I'm not pulling this out of thin air or google and are factual :-)

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    I offer you this opinion as a player - a good professional coach needs a point of difference. I've dealt with heaps of coaches. Most of them don't really know that much about what they're saying, or how to adapt it to different players, or even if it actually works. So what part of cricket are you an expert in? What do you offer that others coaches don't? Fast bowling mechanics? Batting mental strategy? Field setting tactics? Team bonding? Find something specific where you feel like you have an insight that other coaches don't.
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