Hi all -

I'm looking at buy a new bat and saw some crazy deals in sports direct for bats that I know are legit; for example a big kahuna kookaburra bat. But I go in and all the bats seem to be painted - like a wood coloured paint over all the wood, but you can see the brush strokes, and on some I swear there was a printed wood-effect contact covering it. Is it common for bats to be painted or is that just a straight up crappy bat? I'm just curious though because they are genuine model names. Some of them just seemed cheaper wood.

Take a look at the close ups of these bats for example; same bats but the wood looks totally different:

Kookaburra Instinct 500 Cricket Bat - Cricket Direct

Kookaburra | Kookaburra Instinct 500 Cricket Bat | Cricket Bats

You can see that the sports direct wood looks so much cheaper; is it possible that these bats are produced in two ranges, but not marked on the label? For example a crappy one for the cheaper market and a good one?

Thoughts appreciated!