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Thread: Got sternum pain by fast bowling

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    Icon5 Got sternum pain by fast bowling

    Hi i started fast bowling before one month and then after like 2 weeks i found out i was chucking in my action even tho i never intended to do so i tried to fix it but from my chucking action i was bowling at 140 or 150 kph and now i seriously tried to fix my action by going to the basics again which means bowling slowly and trying to keep your arm straight or under 15 degrees then i started bowling fast so i can get my pace back but i ended up doing something with my sternum bone in chest which can be called chest wall too now its been 2 days if i try to bowl or use this bone in any thing it hurts it doesnt hurt when i dont use it it just hurts if i use it for some strong purpose so my question is how long will it take for it to go away?and with my new bowling action my fastest delievery was 113 kph do you think its a normal speed for a 18 year old guy if not what is it and how can i prevent injuries like this again,...Thanks for your precious time,Good Luck!

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    No idea but go see a doctor in case.

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