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Thread: Hop during bowling action-help

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    Hop during bowling action-help

    Hey there,

    I'm just wondering. I have a very
    unique' bowling action where i take off of my left foot as I'm right handed and then hop on my right foot before landing my left foot and delivering the ball. The hop is very small but it does remove some of the pace off of my bowling. I was wondering if there is an easy way of correcting this. I've bowled like this all of my life and my coaches have never picked it up.

    I have been successful in junior cricket with it but am worried that if I transition into senior cricket thisyear that it will just further impair me or even be classified as an illegal delivery.

    Thanks forthe help.
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    Sounds like you are bowling off the wrong foot?

    If so, that's fine.

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    You are right to be worried about transitioning to senior cricket with this kind of action. Regardless of whether you are successful from a wicket taking perspective, the main problem you will face is ridicule. The older boys won't hold back and you will be the brunt of jokes from Melbourne to Mumbai. My suggestion is either a cattle prod up the clacker every time you offend or to take up the triple jump.
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