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Thread: Coming to the game from baseball

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    Coming to the game from baseball

    Hello gentlemen, i am a current lifelong baseball player moving from the US to Mallorca this spring. Effective batter, predominantly
    catching ( wicketkeeper ) , fit 52 yo . Looking for some direction to gain a working knowledge of the game and rules before presenting myself at the local club and attempting to negotiate a tryout.
    From what I can see I would be too aggressive with the bat and a litle hindered in fielding by lack of experience in not using equipment ( glove, mitt )
    Will be visiting the UK for several weeks enroute and would be buying gear and attempting to participate in any local, informal sessions that I could find.
    Any thoughts appreciated , thanks for looking


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    Hey Dave, do you by chance happen to know about intentional four balls in baseball? Any videos that showcase such a phenomenon?

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    Would you like them here or there?
    Welcome. I'm a Padres fan. We are out there.

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    possibly reading wikipedia entry on the rules and then actually watching a game or two is the way to go. i think the fundamentals of both the sports are roughly similar (watching the ball, running and catching with gloves) so u should be okay. good luck!
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    Bumping/hijacking this thread. I'm in the US looking to get involved in cricket. There are some clubs local to me. I live in the NE so things are pretty much shut down until Spring. What can I do to prepare for playing? I played a fair amount of baseball, am I'm pretty good shape for a 40 year old, but realize that there are significant differences in the two. I just don't want to approach a club in spring starting from square one. Thanks!

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