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Thread: New Cricket Club - Seeking Support / Resource

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    New Cricket Club - Seeking Support / Resource

    Hi Cricketers,

    Here in Ashbourne, Co Meath, Ireland, we are in the midst of trying to set up the villages first Cricket Club. There has been great interest, from all ages, and we have luckily been given access to us our local community pitch area.

    We are now seeking support from other Cricket Clubs/Members, to help get our club started. This includes any of the following

    - Artificial turf wicket (Yes it rains, A LOT, here in Ireland and we're really interested in laying down an artificial turf wicket. Do any existing clubs offer second hand artificial wickets?)

    - Any second hand Bats, Pads, Balls for the team members (adults and as interest grows younger generations) to use.

    We have very limited budget & resources, so if any existing clubs (Ideally based in Ireland and UK) could help us get started it would be SO MUCH APPRECIATED!

    Fingers crossed someone can help us. As an English man, living here in Ireland, I'm keen to get myself and others interested more in Cricket Please post your message or PM me.


    Ashbourne, Co Meath, Ireland
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