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Thread: Long post, becoming a medium pacer?!?

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    Long post, becoming a medium pacer?!?

    Hello all

    Firstly, the bad news. I'm 35!!

    ...and want to get back to playing club cricket in England :-)

    If you read the pre-amble section far below it has some info on my background.

    Basically, I'm 1.77m tall, about 77kg and quite strong\fit, and I really want to put the effort into becoming a reasonable Saturday league cricketer in the UK. The standard is variable, but at a club that has 5 teams for instance, with some ex county players in the first team, I'd like to make a 3rd team player and contribute.

    What methods do I need to follow to get a good chance of being a solid medium pace bowler by April 2014 (I am thinking 65-75mph range and consistently hitting a spot)? I have a bit of cricket background but I need technical help I think. I have got the means to practise, I just need some help on how to approach training & practise and an idea of what is achievable over a 6 month period.

    How long is a piece of string I hear you say!!

    I'll buy whatever gadgets are needed to assist my training....and TRY get a coach! Believe me, I have tried the latter...I am finding it almost impossible to get responses back from coaches willing to work with a 35 year old ;-)

    So, what can I achieve in 6 months?!


    Pre-amble and background:

    I have played tennis for 25 years, got to Country representative level at Under-18. Still play Premier Div level on the club scene, so I have a bit of sporting background.

    In the middle of all those tennis years, I managed to play league cricket on and off from 19-24. I have had zero coaching in cricket, but was told I had some ability as a bowler and batter. However, because of no coaching or real technique, my game was all instinct and to be honest, never really came off. I could bowl with *a bit of pace* pace according to Saturday league players and University players (no idea how fast though) and could hit a long ball, but it would only look good and was NOT effective in league cricket, because there was NO consistency.

    I want to play some league cricket now, and be more effective.

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    Having googled how quickly club bowlers actually bowl, let's say 60-65mph would be my aim!

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    If you're hitting a spot at 75mph you're playing first team premier league cricket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup View Post
    If you're hitting a spot at 75mph you're playing first team premier league cricket!
    Haha, yeah. Blokes have plenty county cricket as specialist bowlers with less.
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