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Thread: Recruiting for new research study on cricket coaching and participation

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    Recruiting for new research study on cricket coaching and participation

    Black and Minority Ethnic Participants and Coaches in Cricket, Athletics, Badminton, and Basketball: Interested in becoming a coach, or are you already a coach?

    Sports Coach UK and Leeds Metropolitan University would like to know more about your experiences as a participant and your motivations to become a coach.

    Sports Coach UK is working with Leeds Metropolitan University, in conjunction with the four governing bodies including the ECB, to find out more about the motivations, aspirations and experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic groups and their entry into sport coaching.

    Whatever your experiences - we would like to hear from you as these sports are keen to enhance the diversity of its player and coaching profile.
    The discussion would last approximately 30 minutes to an hour. The study is completely confidential, that is, no-one will be able to identify your name in the final report and summary.
    If you are interested in sharing your experiences please contact Dr. Leanne Norman on at Leeds Metropolitan University.

    We look forward to hearing from you.
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