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Thread: Leg spin bowling in club Twenty20

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goughy View Post
    At the moment you are a non- bowler and if you can't bat or bowl anything else then pretty much a non cricketer.
    I am aware of that I may need 12 months + of practice before I get close to bowling in a match. I have started training with the bat and if I pick it up quicker then it may be quicker.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goughy View Post
    Leg spin is hard. That isn't an excuse for being bad at it though. There are multiple players on any team who can rip the ball square bowling inaccurate leg spin but they tend to be batsmen or other bowlers who would never dream of bowling it in a match as even 4 decent balls out of 6 isn't a good enough return to be trusted with the ball.
    I have the necessary commitment, patience and attitude to get to an acceptable standard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goughy View Post
    I hope I don't seem too critical though you do seem, fairly or not, to be a little ungrateful and slightly delusional.
    I have apologised for being a naive cricketer to my captain. I know I was in the wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goughy View Post
    I admire your desire to bowl leg spin and rip it hard. However, off spin (the two times table of bowling) and medium pace are easier and would offer you a quicker path to actually playing.
    While I still enjoy bowling leg breaks that turn I'm willing to let my skills develop slowly.

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    still scratching around in the same old hole
    ^ fair enough. As I said, I admire your commitment to the craft when there are easier paths to travel. I sincerely and honestly wish you the best.
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    Sounds like you have what it takes man, as Goughy said, all the best, feel free to ask more questions as you develop, I myself bowl offspin but I dabbled with legspin and learnt a lot and there are others around who know a thing or two about spin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawood Ahmad View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Cook View Post
    Hey, my captain is trying to get me to bowl disciplined line and length. I feel like he wants to make me a slow bowler with focus on containment than to become a big spinning wicket taker. I beat the bat and got the batsmen to miscue at least ten times today.

    I'm conflicted. I want to be like Shane Warne but my captain wants me to be like Pravin Tambe. I'm getting such good turn it would be a shame to waste it.
    Warne was so good BECAUSE he was so accurate. Aggressive bowlers still need control to be effective, they'll just use that control to put the ball in areas encouraging the batsman to play expansive strokes. Even as a leggie, you need to land five out of six balls where you want them to be worth the gamble for a captain. You'll usually be forgiven for the occasional shocker, but there's no excuse for making a habit of it.
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    It sounds like you've got the drive to keep at it so you'll get there in a few years. In the meantime make sure you work hard on your batting too, if you want to get some games. Even if you're not blessed with a natural eye teams at lower levels always are looking for steady blokes who can open and hold up an end with singles.

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    Spin bowlers aren't any good. Focus somewhere else imo.
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