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Thread: Injury Prevention

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    Injury Prevention

    I guess this could be a personal question and a broad one.

    How would you prevent injury?

    I personally weigh in at 118kgs (~18st 8lbs) but am not fat. I go to the gym and have very large and dense bones. My Granddad was a professional South African swimmer, Mum professional South African basketball player, so sports is in the genes.

    I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I'm currently sat at my desk at my workplace avoiding doing any sort of work and my body is throbbing in pain. I can currently feel the top middle of my back feeling like the vertebrae have to have some sort of work done to them, both knees are throbbing and I'm almost certain the grinding feeling when walking is not normal. I've got a fractured finger on my right hand, and a serious sprain on the other and two extreme short Achilles tendons. Luckily nothing wrong with internal organs or anything like that.

    Is it bad that I am still playing cricket 3 times a week on top of training? When I get onto the field for anything all these pains seems to disappear in the enthusiasm of it all, but I know before I start that tomorrow I will be feeling **** and be in a lot of pain..

    Does anybody else have these sorts of aches and pains constantly, how do you combat them? Are standard fish oils okay to be using or should I seek professional advice(never really been my cup of tea)?

    By the way, I'm only 20 and realise that I'm going to be in some serious pain later on in life, but I love cricket too much to stop.
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    How tall are you to be 18st and not fat? Do you lift heavy weights?

    I'm no expert in the field but being that heavy surely is going to have an effect on your body. Losing some weight will definitely help especially with the knees over your lifetime.

    I've spent a fair amount of time in the past couple of years with various ailments at the physio. Your probably not going to like it much but stretching is of vital importance in injury prevention. Before and after physical exercise and definitely needed if you have an otherwise sedentary lifestyle stuck at a desk. It does start to hurt once you reach your 20's and you need to look after yourself.

    My advice would be to look to lose some weight. Swimming or cycling will put less pressure on your joints and is decent during and outside the cricket season. Any specific serious or chronic pains and I'd definitely see a physio even if it's just the once. They may be able to pinpoint an obvious weakspot in the body which is putting pressure on the rest.

    You should be fine playing 3 games a week at your age especially as your a batsman. You probably don't want to be running round the outfield all day so work on your slipping and you might get to stand at first slip all day.

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    it doesn't matter if it's fat or muscle, being 118kg is not "cricket" fit. That's simply too much weight to be putting into a bowling action repeatedly.

    Aside from that, I do think it's good to be going to the gym as long as you're strengthening your back and core with barbell squats and deadlifts and other big compound movements.

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    go to a physio get advice or got docs your weight is probably going to be a big factor aswell

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    unless your 7ft 2 your overweight

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