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Thread: Temperament

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    So I've got the hardest game of the season coming up on Saturday (45 overs). We're currently third in the league and we're playing second. Unfortunately our first game of the season was against the team who are in first, and we lost when we really shouldn't have!

    Anyway, straight wins from then have gotten us into third..

    I also have a 14 (8 ball) over game tonight and I normally end up hitting some decent runs in this format, however when I get to Saturdays, I'm still in that state of mind and just go out swinging - which against the better bowling standard isn't good.

    Does anybody else have a similar situation going on? How do you get around the constant changes in pace of the game?
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    Don't try to bat especially defensively. Stay busy, but think to yourself "bat on ball" rather than "score runs". The bad balls will come and you'll hit them instinctively anyway, so you shouldn't have to worry about your scoring rate.

    That's what works for me anyway, concentrating on just getting a touch on the ball.

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