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Thread: Good begginer bat?

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    Good begginer bat?

    I am just learning to play cricket and am looking for a decent bat to get me going.

    My head is spinning with various bats and Im pretty lost.

    As Im just starting out Im not looking to spend anymore than 65 but would quite happily take a cheaper bat and then maybe buy a more expensive one next season if I keep playing.

    I know I should probably be going for an English willow bat and have been quite interested in low end CA bats ( power, somo and 20/20 )

    Does anyone have any comments on these bats?

    Power ( no toe guard )
    Somo ( not sure on toe guard )
    20/20 ( favourite so far )

    Also could anyone recommend any other bats?

    I keep looking on sportsdirect but am always dubious when they claim they are selling something worth 80 for 20.



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    As a personal experience, I would say English Willow bats are quite good. I bought one 6 months back from this website and never really had a problem. I found the bat durable and gives a good grip. You can have a look if you want.
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    the best bat for a beginner to start over would be Adidas Incurza. This is the most stylish, strong and amazing bat I have ever seen.

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    I was encouraged to play with other people's bats for a while before getting my own - that gives you the chance to find out what sort of bat you like the feel of. You can then head down to the local equipment shop with a bit more confidence. What I did when buying my first bat is bought second hand. There are a lot of bats out there that people don't get on with and look to sell fairly quickly (or so they say). You can then get a much better bat than you could otherwise afford (I got mine for less that half what it's worth). Even if it's been used a bit, it will still last at least as long as a new 65 bat.

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