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Thread: Severe Anxiety

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    Severe Anxiety

    I have a problem that has been stopping me to perform to my maximum ability. Whenever i practice, i do everything really well. My batting has flow in it, i can rotate strike easily and i seem to just 'bat' without thinking about anything. But as soon as i go onto the pitch, i experience SEVERE anxiety such that even though i am concentrating really hard(like i am really concentrating) i feel as if im working 200% just to survive. I get into a really defensive mode and start blocking everything and bowlers who i would EASILY rotate for singles in the nets start getting the better of me. I feel as if if i play any kind of shot other than the forward defensive ,i might get out. This is pretty much the reason i cant perform at all in the games while i bat like no one can get my out in the nets. This same thing happens with me while fielding. During fielding practice, i can catch pretty much everything but as soon as a catch goes up in the air in the game i usually drop it because i cant get myself into good position due to the SEVERE ANXIETY. One last example of my condition is that sometimes when i go out there in the middle i play 60mph bowlers like 80mph as i am really late on them when they are not even remotely close to be bowling quick but i make them look quick. I need immediate help with this anxiety problem because its killing my love for the game as im not having fun playing because when i go out their to bat i feel like i rather be home at that moment. This is the really i am not playing for the past week or so because i know until i dont get over this problem, i wont score runs and wont have fun so if someone can guide me to what i should do it would be really helpful.

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    Take a chill pill dude

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