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Thread: Trigger Movements when Batting..

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    Trigger Movements when Batting..

    Does anybody use a trigger movement?

    I was told by my County coach that it'd be a good move for me when I was maybe 14?.. He brought it into my game and it threw me completely off when in a game situation.. Then whenever I'd try and get away from it, I'd play badly too! I guess this was probably due to a lack of confidence in not doing what the coach was telling me to..

    My movement was only small.. I would start with both feet on leg and move my back foot to middle just before the bowlers stride. I always felt stable at the point of delivery it just never seemed to do me any good!

    I genuinely believe this particular coach ruined my batting at the time(obviously not on purpose) and therefore my county days as after bringing this in and losing confidence in myself I was soon dropped from the team. (I was the keeper too, and at this age it's not hard to find a similarly skilled keeper)

    I've managed to get back into the game now without a trigger movement and am batting well! (it's 6 years later, with a couple of years out the game).

    Any thoughts?
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    You do as you're told when 14 but I can't find any beneficial reason for the coach's suggestion. There wasn't a problem to fix and he introduced a quirk that you fixated on and lost your form. Then when you really needed help they dropped you! No wonder you gave it away.

    I'm not as strident as Ian Chappell is about coaches but this maybe an example of his opinion that it ruins young players. A coach's advice should be coldly assessed by the person receiving it. If its pointless as yours appears to have been he should be told politely off; though I know that would have been a big ask at your age then. A mentor whom you could have trusted with your doubts would have helped.
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    Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!

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