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Thread: Mental attidues fast bowler need

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    Mental attidues fast bowler need

    what type of mental attitudes do fast bowlers need. For example what should a fast bowler be thinking when bowling

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    I'm no fast bowler by any means, but I do open the bowling for my First XI team. I guess you've got to be confident in what you can do. You've got to know in your head that you're good enough to get the opposing batsman out, and if you don't think that then you're going to have to try and work out ways of getting him/her out.

    Working out weaknesses early is what you have to do, and try and exploit them.

    - Bad with the short ball? Give a couple of aggressive bouncers at the body, then one outside off (tempt the cut) and hope the slip cordon can catch!

    If you can't work out what to bowl, bowl yorkers, or good length (hitting top of off stump).

    Rhythm is very much needed also! You need to be able to stride in and get the ball down at a similar speed (unless you're trying to mix it up) consistently, and accurately. Having a good rhythm will help this.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've said it on here a lot but a genuine quick has to be willing to bowl through the pain. Anyone can bowl medium pace stuff - it is the offspring of the steamers World - but bowling quick is hard.

    Continuing to physically hurt yourself when the batsman is either smashing you around or dead batting your best efforts can be tough. However, a good quick contiues to come hard even when it is no fun at all. Everything else is built on that.
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