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Thread: Edge crack/split when knocking in

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    Edge crack/split when knocking in


    I bought a Kokkaburra Blade bat a couple of weeks ago, and have been spending a bit of time knocking it in. A friend at my club (who knocks a lot of bats in) said not to worrry much about the face and concentrate on the edges, which ive done.

    Fast forward to today, the edges are both pinging, make a lovely sounded when hit with the mallet. Perhaps i hit it a teeny bit hard though, because this crack opened up on the edge (see attached)

    I can follow the line of where that crack is down to the toe and a little on the face, almost like its a big splinter waiting to come away, i daren't put a fingernail under it just in case.

    So, any suggestions. Is it knackered? Remedial measures? I thought maybe putting a little oil on it, then follow by some tape (which i was going to put right along the edge anyway) that would pull it together? Glue?

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    Your options are either a generous amount of tape. Or depending how much oil you put on the bat you might be able to put a protective plastic cover on it. If you used a generous amount of oil don't do this or the oil will sweat under the plastic and you will get bubbles and it will look bad.
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    Did you knock the edge in properly? Not on the side of the bat but at a 45 degree angle?

    You have two options really

    1) send the bat back, if it's new then it shouldn't be damaged so easily. Even if your knocking in was hard as you said, bat manufacturers recommend you hit the bat very hard towards the end of knocking in as this replicates the ball hitting the bat. (I had a new newbury GT, knocked it in then played a horrific shot and took a chunk out of the toe. I took it back to the shop I bought it from and they sent it back to Newbury, who sent me a brand new bat within 7 days. )

    2) apply a small amount of linseed to the bat, and then tape it.

    The first option is obviously preferred. Good luck

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    Chances are you'll get your money back if you put a bit of effort in.
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    From my experience, that's not such a worry, sure it looks ugly but the surface is what matters. I knock my bats with steel hammers, bat mallets take to long.

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